Sunday, February 4, 2018

Just Keep Climbing

If I've learned from last year, it's that I just need to keep going.
Push harder
Be more persistent
Reach out to everyone

Someone told me
Don't stop contacting them until they blatantly tell you to stop.
So why not be the memorable, determined woman?

So far, it's going well,
Especially because I decided it would.
Isn't our fate within our own reach anyway?

Had my first art show of 2018 February 2nd.
What a night.
The nicest people,
Most supportive friends,
And new acquaintances.

Even selling my first painting at the opening was a delightful surprise.
2018 will be great.
Because I say it will be.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

2017 - Heavy

It's been over a year since I've written in here.
Ironically, the last post I wrote was about 2016 as a year.
A much different year than 2017.

The first month of the year, my best friend lost her younger brother to a car accident.
I've never experienced a death so close to me of someone that hadn't lived a full life.
It was ..... heavy.
How do you start a year after something so tragic?

I had an art show at a dance studio in Pittsburgh in March.
The owner was bubbly and enthusiastic, making the experience shine in my memory.
The whole street had an art crawl, and my art was part of it!
How cool.

It has been silent since then.

It started with an artist rut.
I was stuck, not wanting to move forward in my series but lost on what to do.
I was depressed, not able to push myself like I need to be.
My artwork sat, for months, untouched.

Finally in September, I launched myself into my art.
I had an idea I deemed crazy and did it anyway.
It was amazing.
I had a surprising response from friends and family and couldn't stop creating.
Within a month, I had 10 new paintings.
New series, new look, new me.
Here's a snapshot of some of them.

I got the courage back, and started frantically applying to shows.
I must have applied to over 15 shows this year.
Half of them being juried shows.
I spent over $250 dollars on applications.

My artwork was not accepted to a single one.

2017 is a heavy year.
In all aspects of my life, it seems.
I feel stuck, like a paint brush stuck in dried paint.

2018 will be better.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 in a Day

"I know it gets dark, but there's always a light."

I know it's a bit early to reflect, but this year has been good.
Maybe I choose to see the good,
But shouldn't we all.
If we didn't go through obstacles we wouldn't understand what it is to appreciate,
To cherish,
To remember fondly.

This summer was a bit of a struggle,
As I've previously stated.
But I pushed through.
I kept standing up after being knocked down.
And I achieved the goal I set for myself at the beginning of this year.
How crazy is that?

Each year, in January, I write down some artistic goals I want to accomplish.
This year, my goal was to get into one show that I needed to ship my painting to.
A small goal, perhaps.
But I am terribly unsettled by not being in control of the transport of my paintings.
Well, I made it.
I actually shipped 2 paintings to 2 different shows,
In 2 different states that I've never shown art in before.
What an overwhelmingly heart-filled feeling.

Thanks goes to Emerge Gallery and Art Space in NY,
Who had an adorable show exhibiting small works of art.
And thanks goes to 311 Gallery in NC,
For honoring and supporting square artwork.

There's nothing left in this year that can bring me down.
Bring on the holidays!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Starting Fresh

I've been in a little bit of an artistic rut lately.
I saved up money and applied to 3 different art shows,
All different parts of the U.S.,
Trying something new.
My goal was to get accepted into one.
And I did.
It was perfect.
It's been awhile since I've been in a group show.
But then,
The show got cancelled.
But not just cancelled,
the venue closed.
They were transitioning to online exhibits,
Which I fear may be the future of art shows.

The opening was supposed to be today.
I'm sitting in my studio,
Trying to start fresh,
Prepping new boards,
For new works,
Hoping for the best,
And trying to simply enjoy this time on Earth.

Being an artist requires strength,
To build yourself back up from lose,
To keep pushing forward when all you experience are dead ends,
To stay positive,
And keep creating,
Even if it's just for you,
And only you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Unspeakable

Do you ever feel so inspired, but can't describe it to anyone?
Your brain is bubbling over with creative ideas and projects.
Your notebook is filled with confusing half sentences based on 2 am "great ideas" jotted down hastily before diving back into bed, swimming through a sea of more "great ideas".

This is my life lately.
I have so much I want to accomplish.
So many ideas.
Good. Bad. Great. Ridiculous.
But having an idea to drive and motivate action is the best you can do for yourself.

Along with my half sentence ideas, I have several segments-of-new-paintings pictures.
So nothing much to show.

But this song basically describes all my ideas and thoughts,
Bouncing against each other,
Jittering inside my head,
Waiting to escape to paper or canvas.

Halfway through the year, and I feel so good.
Jumbled and exuberant.
But put simply, I'm good.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Better. Stronger.

This year is going to be a good one.
You have to say it,
Think it,
Breathe it,
Do it,
And own it,
To believe it.

All about stripes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Year of the Monkey

My life has been chaotic.
Full of flavor.
Who's isn't these days?
Or maybe I just surround myself with people that love the chaos as much as I do.

This month is craziest among all other months.
I have two art shows.
It is the start of the bike season, which is HUGE for my company.
And I am travelling to Norway for two weeks.
A crazy month indeed.

Hopefully I will get to share some of my adventures on here.
For now, here are some shots of me hanging one of my shows.

Goodnight, world.
Another busy day tomorrow.